Selling Stock Photos - FAQ

What is stock photos

Stock photos (stock photography) are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

What Kind of photos can I sell? 

What sells best are stock oriented images with high commercial value. Designers look for the most popular subjects, such as business people, people at work, financial concepts, lifestyle and sport concepts, food and drink, healthcare, social issues and science and technology. 

Am I qualified?

If you know how to make a manual exposure, get the focusing correct and have a good eye for correct white balance, you’re most likely qualified to become a stock photographer.

How much can I earn selling photos online?
It depends on the stock website you are dealing with but on an average, you can  expect approximately 25-45 cents per image, per month (16 - 30)

Can I submit my photographs to more than one website?

Yes. Photos are submitted on a Royalty-Free basis, so you may submit and continue to sell your photos to many stock photo agencies and websites (including your own), as long as you do not enter into an Exclusivity agreement with any of them or sell you images with Rights Managed license. 

What is a Model Release? 

Yes. All images containing recognizable people require a model release (talent release). The only exception is when an image is to be used with Editorial License but check it with your stock photo agency first. In general, for all images containing people’s faces you need to have a model release signed by your model. Blank model release forms are usually available for download from every stock photo site. Royalty Free Images Stock

You will find general model release forms on the Internet. If possible, you should download and fill out a form from the particular site you want to upload to. Most stock photo agencies will accept general release forms as long as they are not specific to any other agency. Make sure it contains all required information. Even if one detail is missing (for example model’s email address), it will be rejected and you will have to waste your time filling out another one.

The image I want to submit has myself in it, Do I still need a model release?

Yes, any model (even yourself) has to sign a model release for any image to be sold for commercial purposes. Royalty Free Images Stock

What is a Property Release?

A property release is a more complex issue. There are many different requirements by stock agencies so you should check their terms and conditions before uploading. There is a general rule that any private property needs a release, no matter if it is a privately owned house, restaurant, hotel, its interior, exterior or element of design. Royalty Free Images Stock

Is Image size important?
Yes, the larger your camera sensor is the larger size of your image will be offered for sale, then the higher your potential royalty is. If a photo buyer is looking for an image for high-resolution print, they will pick the largest size available. In this way, they will get the highest possible print quality. If you think about stock photography seriously, your images should be taken with high-quality SLR or DSLR. Although modern “point and shoot” cameras have large sensors (in terms of a number of pixels and not their physical size), they fall behind modern DSLR in terms of image quality (especially noise issues). Royalty Free Images Stock

What if I get rejected?
Expect to get rejected. It might take a few attempts. But once you’re accepted, as many existing stock photographers can testify, it made them an even better photographer. A rejection of your initial submission might feel like a disappointment at first. But take advantage of the feedback and suggestions provided. Your initial submission will most likely be more strictly evaluated than the general submissions you’ll make in the future after getting accepted.
The first batch of photos is the hardest: For example, when signing up to one of the most popular stock photography 
sites like Shutterstock, you are asked to submit 10 samples of your best work. Seven of these must pass the strict inspection of their reviewers. But if rejected, you’re provided with great feedback to help you improve your photography.Royalty Free Images Stock

Have Patience

Where can I find a list of Stock photography websites to sell my photographs? Royalty Free Images Stock

Can Mobile photographers sell to Stock photography websites?

Yes, there is this a different list of apps and websites for mobile phone stock photography. A post will be posted soon. If you want the list, please comment below.

Any more questions, comment below.

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