How these tips will change your mobile photography!

Never Zoom: You mobile camera has some limitations, the more you zoom, the more pixelated your photograph might get. So instead, go close the subject and take a close up.  Most mobile cameras have relatively good inbuild wide-angled lens, which is great for close focusing. Make sure you have a clean background, a good subject and vivid color to shoot and that you maintain the minimum  focusing distance

Golden Hour: All sunrise and sunset pictures come out good if you have some basic composition skills you can get it right too. The sunlight during the sunset is perfectly golden and will give a proper background to your photograph, whereas if you are lucky you may even capture the mist and fog in the morning, during sunrise.

Set the Focus: Focus helps to draw attention to the most important part of the scene, which is normally the main subject.. This is the most important factor when taking a photograph, you can tap the screen anywhere to change the focus of the shot. This will also change the exposure level to match the spot you’ve selected, You can make the picture brighter or darker before clicking the image. If your subject is moving around, make sure you tap the screen just before you take the shot to ensure that they are in focus.

Minimalism: Less is more with this genre of photography. Negative (empty) space, lone subjects,  lines & geometric patterns and contrasting colors are all great ways of achieving a good minimalistic photograph. This kind of photography techniques won't be an issue with the limitations of a mobile phone as here importance is given to composition than to detailing. Tip: Clear blue skies are an excellent background for good minimalist captures.

Fill the frame: We are trained to get the subject in the center or use the rule of thirds, The composition technique is an excellent technique for those who wish to pursue mobile photography, By filling the frame with a subject you instantly create a stronger and more intimate connection between the viewer and that subject. The details will shine with this composition technique

Shoot at High QualityBy default, many mobile cameras aren't set to shoot in high-quality mode. so you need to go into the camera settings of your phone and check to make sure you shooting at maximum resolution and that picture or image quality is set at the highest setting (Maximum pixels).

Learn to edit. The reality is, like it or not, that you’ll need to process your images to get the best possible final photo. The better your editing skills, the better your photographs will stand out from the rest. There are various apps available for the  same but my favorite being lightroom and snapseed
Before getting into the apps, here some do's and don'ts

  • Your best friend is the natural light,  embrace it 
  • Don’t use the flash on your camera. increase the ISO if you really want some more light.
  • Never, ever zoom! Use your feet instead. it develops compositional skills and keeps your images sharper  and gives more detail by avoiding the quality degradation by pixelating it when zooming in.
  • SHOOT RAW: DNG files will retain more highlight and shadow detail, and also give you more leeway in extreme lighting situations. They won’t be as good as a jpg in your dslr though. Shoot RAW when you know for sure that you’re going to edit it before posting. Shoot JPG if you want the camera to apply its “best guess” and process it internally.
  • SHOOT in Burst Mode  – If you find the timing on some of your shots is off a little bit, shoot in burst mode then delete the ones that don’t make the cut.

Mobile photography is even better with certain apps, Please wait for our Next post,  where we will discuss the must-have Manual camera apps for mobile phones.

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