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Here I'm again with another set of Instagram Tips, these are all random tips and not constricted to a particular category.

How to use more than 30 hashtags: Post a photograph without any caption, COMMENT on this post with your first set of 30 hashtags. Then go back and edit the caption, write a good caption to your post and add another set of 30 hashtags there. It has to be in the same order or vice versa.  Use this hack responsibly and do not do it for all your posts or else you might get shadow banned, you may use it for one post every 5 days on an average.

Captions for your post: Does clicking photographs easier than writing a caption? The below-mentioned apps can help you find the right caption for your post. 
1. Captiona 
2. Caption IG Free
3. Status Shuffle
4. Rubric 

Animated and cool Instagram Stories: Search and Download Hype Type, Adobe Spark Post, Legend (free! ) now use these apps to add the cool animated text over top your photo or even videos, once you save the video, you may use it in your story.

Hashtags on Instagram Stories: If you wish to get more engagement on your account but not using hashtags on your Instagram stories, then you are doing a big mistake. start posting lots of stories daily and use hashtags on them. So how do you hide the hashtags? Take a photo/video to add to your story, Using the Typing Text tool, type in  10 of your most preferred hashtags (but hide). These hashtags should show up with an underline, if there is no underline then it's not accepted as a hashtag. If you are copy pasting and can't find the underline, delete a letter and again from the suggestions you receive below.  Now use your fingers, pinch the text to be as SMALL as possible that it becomes invisible, put a sticker or emoji, location sticker, hashtag etc on top of this. so now the hashtags are active in your story,  but invisible to the audience

Text Replacement: If you are tired of typing hashtags manually, one of the best ways is to make a list of hashtags in your notes and store it. What if I say, there is something better and an easier thing that you can do. through something called Text Replacement. With this function, you can get all your favorite set of hashtags loaded up, without having to leave the IG app.  For example, once you have this function of Text Replacement set up on your phone, you can type things like “foodmumbai” and then it’ll load up ALL your “ Mumbai food” hashtags in a second. You can then do this an infinite number of times  for different sets. So how do you do this?
How to unlock this Instagram hack (on iOS)
  1. On your phone, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
  2. Click the + sign in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Type all the hashtags (note more than 30)  you want for that shortcut in “phrase”, then the shortcut under “Shortcut” (of course). EXAMPLE: If I want to type in "Bnw" and then load up ALL my black and white hashtags, the hashtags would be written under “Phrase” and bnw would be the “Shortcut”
  4. Now, Anytime you want to use Black and white hashtags type out your shortcut "bnw" and watch magically as your preloaded hashtags come in automatically
How to unlock this Instagram hack (on Android):
  1. Download a free app called Texpand 
  2. Follow the app’s instructions to create shortcuts for your hashtags, it's quite easy
  3. Now, Anytime you want to use your preferred set of hashtags type out your shortcut  you had mentioned and watch magically as your preloaded hashtags come in automatically
Geotag Content for Higher Engagement: To get your content in front of a larger audience, it’s always better to geotag your posts. Users commonly search for the tagged locations to follow and research on other people in the same area. By tagging multiple areas with your varying contents, you increase traffic to your account. If you don't know how to geotag, comment below and I will get back to you.

Anything else you would like to ask or add let me know.

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