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There are many ways you can make money with photography and even with mobile photography. In this post, we will talk only about stock photography I will keep it quick and simple for you all to read and work on it. If you have any questions, please mention it below.

If you don’t know what is stock photography, first read the below articles and then proceed further

How to make money with Photography 
Stock Photography - Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re a casual photographer or a professional one, there is an extensive marketplace for photography including photo of phone i.e mobile photography. Smartphones now have cameras and lenses designed to take photos in a more professional way. Whatever your photography niche' be there’s likely a place on the internet where you can sell it. 

The demand for authentic and non-clich├ęd photos over stock-looking images with a lack of originality continues to grow. Here are some of the best mobile image apps and services you can use to sell your mobile photography art.


Mobile app images of Foap

Turn your photos into money! Upload your photo of phone collection and sell it to well-known brands all over the world.

Foap is a mobile app that charges $10 for every photo that they sell, but you'r claim will be $5 every time one of your photos sell. One thing to mention is, each photo can be sold more than once. If you have a popular photo it could sell 10 or more times! Foap pays via PayPal, but they only pay at the end of each month.

Royalty Free Images Stock

Mobile app images of Snapwire

It is a mobile app platform  that allows users to sell photos they take to brands, publishers, small businesses, and creatives who seek images that fulfill certain requirements that they set. Buyers post a creative image brief (called a Request) and photographers respond by submitting their photos through Snapwire website or mobile app. Winning photographers are awarded and paid. Aside from Requests, Snapwire regularly runs creative Challenges concerning popular image needs. Challenges are curated by Snapwire and are open to the public. Unfortunately, at this time Snapwire only provides a mobile application for the iPhone; all other mobile users will need to upload photos directly to their website. Royalty Free Images Stock

You claim 70% of every shot sold on a buyer's paid Request and then claim 50% when your shots sell in the Marketplace. 


Mobile app images of clashot

This mobile app is an initiative that encourages a new approach to the mobile picture socializing. With their new concept of photobank and simplified registration, you get a generous motivation program which includes all the usual social media encouragement features (likes and shares) plus selected group of reviewers (Expert) would rate your photos financially. This would mean each “like” from an Expert will be converted into cash that accumulated for contributors and can be withdrawn in a variety of convenient ways. Royalty Free Images Stock

 Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell you exactly how much you’ll get paid for your photos. But if your photo is accepted and you make a sale you’ll claim 44% of the total sell price. You can withdraw funds after your account reaches $50. Payments are made via PayPal or Skrill, usually within 7 days of requesting a payment.Royalty Free Images Stock


Mobile app images of Snapcape

If you want more direction when you get into the business of selling your mobile photography, give this mobile app a shot. Snapcape asks you to sell your photos within certain categories, such as restaurants, hotels, pets, and laptops. However, you need to submit 10 photos to the administrators via email to hone in on the perfect candidates for the company’s group of artists.
Royalty Free Images Stock

Photographers set a price for this mobile app image, anything ranging between $1 to $5. Snapcape's claim will be 30% commission on every transaction it facilitates.


Mobile app images of Markedshot

It is a global photography community with exciting photo challenges organized by brands & businesses. Photographers are encouraged to submit their beautiful photos to these challenges and win cash & prizes. Markedshot is a way for amateur photographers to make money taking pictures of just about anything they want. Basically, it’s an online stock photo marketplace 

Each photo that is sold in the marketplace will earn you a 50% commission. The photos sell for $5 each; therefore, your claim will be $2.50. Once your account has reached $10, you can request a pay out from the app. The app will send your money to your PayPal account.


 Mobile app image of Stockimo

The free app from Alamy that turns your iPhone photos into cash Stockimo is an app for creative people who take photos using their mobile phones, want to make some money and showcase their work to a global audience. The process is simple – upload mobile photography from your smartphone into Stockimo, and once it’s approved, it goes up for sale. Royalty Free Images Stock

The prices, it depends on the rights we're licensing - where it's used, how big, for how long etc. You may make a sale for $5 or you may make a sale for $500 or sometimes even more. The average sale price on Alamy is around $90. Your claim will be 20% of every sale you make.

Friendly Advice:
  1. Have patience after you upload, sometimes it might take 2 minutes and sometimes few days to get your photographs approved after submission.
  2. Post your best photographs in terms of perspective, composition and quality (no noise) to avoid rejection and for better sale
  3. Build a database for stock photographs first and then expect any returns. i.e. only once you have uploaded at least 1000’s of photographs to stock, then expect it to be sold, the more the numbers, more the chances. Do not rely on one stock site, apply to many.
  4. Click photographs for stock, think like an advertiser not as a photographer when you click photographs. Click many photographs of the same theme. 
  5. Learn how to edit like a pro, good edited images sell faster.
  6. Even if you are a student, a businessman or a proud italian cook this apps can help you to earn some pocket money, but don't depend on it as if its your only income 
  7.  You may refer the above Mobile app image of the apps or click the link below to get the download link

Royalty Free Images Stock


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  1. This is interesting! I have my photos for sale at Fine Art America but these apps also seemed promising. Will check these out, thanks