Create a WATERMARK for your photographs

A watermark is like a signature on your photograph, it represent your creativity and shows your viewers that you are the one who created the art. This tutorial will help you create your own watermark as unique as you online watermark maker.

Watermarks should depict your style and uniqueness more than anything,  I have heard people say  "FIRST BE A PROFESSIONAL THEN PUT A WATERMARK"  which is completely incorrect. Anyone can use a watermark on their photographs. But friends, please note that sometimes the watermark might not  suit your photograph and will spoil your framing, perspective and composition, in such cases please refrain from using the watermark. Your photography skills are more important than the watermark.
Also if you think adding a watermark to your photograph means it will be theft free on instagram, then you are wrong. Thieves have their own tricks to crop or edit the watermark but yes it will surely make it a step difficult for them to steal it. You will always be the owner until and unless you don't depart yourself from the  original photographs from your phone or  your camera (never share your RAW images)

Check out the tutorial below to get started. Your watermark should be as unique and original as you are and this is just the basic steps, modify the images, fonts, size, style etc as per your liking, Feel free to modify the steps to add your own creative touch!

picsart editing pics


Open PicsArt

Click on the + sign at the bottom online watermark maker

click on Draw  
picsart editing pics

choose CREATE NEW online watermark maker

choose size 1800 x 1200 (3:2) preferably white and click next


Chosoe ADD OBJECT and ADD A PHOTO (by slecting the second icon from right)

select the PNG/vector clipart you wish to have in your logo


What is a vector image? Get the answer below and Download free photography vector images.

Do not crop  - Click on the TICK MARK on the top right

ADJUST THE SIZE by clicking on any of the corners of the square (pinch in/pinch out)

CLICK ON LAYERS- The first icon from the right

Select the white layer and DELETE IT


picsart editing pics choose EDIT IMAGE from the option given 

choose  TEXT

Write the desired text you wish to write

CHOOSE THE FONT as per your liking

ADJUST THE TRANSPARENCY by adjusting opacity as per your liking

Your watermark is ready to be saved


Once done, click on next and save it to your gallery 

Open one of your photographs on Picsart

CLICK ON ADD PHOTO and choose the watermark you had saved earlier

Adjust the size and save your photograph.



Here is a video tutorial for the same


online watermark maker 
Vector Images are transparent images without a background like a clip art. These images with blend with other photographs as one. You may download few samples of vectors images from the link below

Click here to download FREE VECTOR IMAGES

You may download PICSART APP APK file from google play store from here 


Also do checkout these other editors similar to picsart available on google chrome itself

First link to download google chrome application free download - Polarr Photo Editor

Second link to download google chrome application free download - Pixl Editor

Third link to download google chrome application free download - Pixl Editor

Incase of any doubts, confusions or suggestions regarding picsart editing pics please comment below

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