Adobe Lightrom Tutorial on how to import presets to mobile


Here we are with the the third part of the  Adobe lightroom tutorial. We shall discuss on how we can import presets to mobile using Adobe lightroom latest version of the mobile app

For this you will require a purchased version, so downdload the lightroom app and purchase it and have membership of adobe lightroom creative cloud (cc) so that everything is shared on the cloud.

  • You will need your Adobe lightromm latest version for PC or a good friend who has it and is ready to help you. 

  • Images with the required presets applied on them and saved in DNG format from adobe lightroom PC version.

  •  The DNG files should be then uploaded to Google drive or other uploading space from where you can download it to your phone. (Check the video below on how to do it and Download the DNG file from the link below)
  • You may also use connecting cable or airdroid to transfer the file.

  • Once the file is transferred to your phone, open lightroom mobile CC  

  • Add the DNG files using the  Add photo icon on the lightroom mobile screen

  • You will now see this file in your adobe lightroom photo gallery, when you click on All photos

  • Open the image and you will be on the lightroom editing screen

  • Click on the three dots on the top right of the screen  

  • Click on copy setting

  • A new window will pop up named as copy setting, choose select all (advanced users can choose the desired options)

  • Go back to the Adobe lightroom Gallery, now choose the image you want the preset to be tested on 

  • Open the desired image, go to the three dots on the top right and click on paste setting

  • The preset will be pasted on the new photo. 

Video 1 - How to apply preset on Adobe Lightroom and convert to DNG

Video 2 - How to finish the task on Adobe Lightroom Mobile

What is airdroid?

AirDroid is an app exclusive to Android which enables you to connect your device to your PC through a wireless network. Working in quite the same way as plugging your device into your PC via a USB cable.

You will find airdroid and adobe lightroom latest version for mobile on the google play services.

For practice purpose I'm giving you 2 Black and white Lightroom presets in DNG format, you can download it to your mobile and use it in your lightroom. If you wish to have more lightroom presets in DNG format, please comment below. 

If you haven't purchased adobe lightroom mobile version yet but instead want to download the cracked version, please refer to our previous post here. Download Adobe Lightroom free

Hope you liked this third part of Adobe lightroom mobile tutorial.

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  1. Presets are always a great help to avoid doing things from scratch. I have used Lightroom and could say it been a pleasure using this amazing product by Adobe. Thanks for the tutorial on importing the presets with ease.

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