The right camera lens kit for your mobile photography

The normal phone camera is great, so are mobile photographers. But there are some limitations, good gears will give good results. The normal phone camera can never take the place of a DSLR or other professional cameras, but sometimes it’s not the right time to own a DSLR, it’s expensive, its heavy, you might not have made your mind on which one to buy, you wish to master your composition skills before you own one, or maybe its not possible to carry a DSLR everywhere, they are too heavy and takes a very long time to set it up and many such reasons. That’s when mobile camera lens come in they assist you to photograph that extra detail that you just cannot do with your phone.

Listed below are few lenses that you should try , if you are planning to invest on some mobile lens kit.


DOFLY Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit 

  • Macro (15X),
  • Wide Angle (150 degrees- 0.6X) and
  • Fisheye (230 Degrees).

These lenses are universal and as the company promised that it can be used by both iPhones and Samsung devices and also all other devices that can fit them. These lenses will enhance your camera capability and create amazing photos. Selfies turn on out well too. Please note that these lenses are quite delicate and should be handled with extra care, the manufactured provides these lenses with a protective case.  Absolutely worth the price.

ClipityPix 5 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit 

  • Macro (15X),
  • Wide Angle (0.63X) and
  • Fisheye (198 Degrees).
  • Telescope lens (2X)
  • CPL Lens (A circular polarizer is used primarily to darken blue skies, cut reflections and make colors more intense in some situations.)

This clip-on lens is for casual photographers, who want to try their hand on the regular lens before they invest in expensive ones. These lenses are compatible with most phones. Consider this as a “Getting started” kit. Please note that this set is suitable for dual camera lenses, you can use only one lens at a time. This surely is one dependable kit.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens (only for iPhones)

  • Macro (15X),
  • Macro (10X)
  • Wide Angle (double the view) and
  • Fisheye (180 Degrees).

This made for iPhone-only lenses are iPhone photographers favorite and has got some really good reviews from its users. The images are crisp and clear., but just make sure your hands are stable hand when clicking macros, the pictures produced are known to have blurry edges vignette. The quality of the picture is quite comparable to the HitCase Snap and Bitplay Snap! Pro lenses (other lenses for iphone)

AMIR  updated Phone Camera Lens Kit

  • Macro (25X),
  • Wide Angle (140 degrees)
  • Fish eye lens (180 Degrees).

This lens is a friendly and gets adapted to a wide range of smartphones including ipads. The extra bonus 25X Macro-Lens, it includes a fixed-focal-length glass which has been updated and is compared to the other 10X lenses in the market. Much more perfect and easier for photographers to take close-up shots of tiny objects clearly.  These lenses are completely professional and easy to carry around. Please note that depending on your type of phone, the flashlight might be blocked by the lens clip. Sometimes the photographs might not come out well if used with flash.


YOPO clip on lens

  • Telephoto(12X),
  • Macro (10X)
  • Wide Angle (4X and The maximum angle:140 degree )
  • Fisheye (180X Degrees). 

This is surprisingly the lesser known lens but has some really good reviews on Amazon and good satisfaction levels from its customers. It works with both Samsung, iPhone, easy to clip and also universal for many other devices. It fits well even if you have the case/cover on but might leave black blurry edges in certain devices.  The wide angles lens of this kit is most talked about.


Mpow 3 in 1 Clip-On 
  • Macro (20X)
  • Wide Angle (0.67X) and
  • Fisheye (180X Degrees).

This clip-on lens has the best fisheye lens.  These lenses guarantee to fit into any device or tablets and promise not to leave a vignette. This is absolutely user-friendly and can be used with one hand. It adds an accurate transparent cap to the macro lens and that saves the trouble of focusing.


Why use wide angles lens?
A wide-angle lens has a more peripheral vision and it will show more of what is to their sides and see more and make the bigger picture. Because of this quality, many photographers use wide-angle lenses for landscape photos because the lens pulls more of the landscape into the picture.

Why use fisheye lenses?
This lens is for the fun photographer in you, These short focal lengths create panoramic or hemispherical photos. This lens creates a cool and unique curved distortion.


Why use macro lenses?
The macro lens shows us the beauty of the tiny world, where the magic of minute details are enlarged for us to see. macro lens is designed for photographing very minute subjects at very close distances


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