Teal and Orange - Free Lightroom Presets

Photo by Caio Resende from Pexels.

As a photographer, we all edit our pictures in one platform or the other. My favourite being the Lightroom. 

I have added few custom made Teal and Orange lightroom presets for you to download, but always remember that its always better to make your own presets as per your liking and style.

How do you get an orange and teal effect on your photographs using Lightroom?

You can get the effect by adjust the primary colours on the Camera Calibration Panel. You move the red primary and green Primary to positive max i.e +100 and primary blue to the negative max i.e -100. I have added screen shot of the Lightroom panel for your reference. So there you have got your basic Teal and orange look. 

If not, continue making edits to the photography on the HSL tab. I'm sure you know that you have to adjust the hue for color, to adjust the intensity work on the saturation and to adjust the brightness change the luminance. 

I will be soon writing another post on how to make your own preset from scratch, if you would like it sooner, please leave a comment below

And for the free custom made presets for you, please click the link below


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